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2012 NBA power rankings: Warriors slipping, Kings near the bottom

After a 1-3 week, the Warriors have dropped considerably in most NBA Power Rankings, while the Kings are ... well, The Kings.


After Week 2 of the 2012-13 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors are slipping in most Power Rankings, while the Sacramento Kings are steady at the bottom of most polls.

The Warriors (3-4) are coming off a rough week that saw them drop three games to the Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets and the Kings. Those losses caused them to fall three spots to No. 22 in Marc Stein's ESPN Power Rankings, seven spots to No. 20 in Matt Moore's Power Rankings, six spots to No. 21 in NBC's Pro Basketball Talk Power Rankings, and slotted them at No. 22 in SB Nation's Power Rankings as compiled by Seth Rosenthal. The season-ending injury to Brandon Rush and temporary loss of Andrew Bogut, combined with some shooting woes, has really cost the young Warriors squad.

The Kings (2-5) went 1-2 last week, downing the Warriors, but losing to the Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs. Stein has them up one spot to No. 28 in his rankings, while Moore has them slipping two spots to No. 27. Pro Basketball talk slots Sacramento at No. 26, and Rosenthal has them pegged as the Western Conference's worst team at No. 28.