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Ryder Cup 2012: The Americans fall to the Europeans after leading by four heading into final day

The Europeans retained the Ryder Cup in dramatic fashion as the Americans were unable to close the deal after amassing a significant lead heading into the final day.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

The Ryder Cup was exciting, dramatic and emotional. The Europeans roared back from a 10-6 deficit to win 14½ to 13½ on American soil to retain the trophy.

But former Stanford attendee Tiger Woods didn't really make a peep. His presence wasn't really felt among all the drama that was the Ryder Cup. Yes, he was part of the losing efforts that led to the Americans' demise, but his name will not be one that resonates after this year's tournament.

This year's event belongs to Martin Kaymer, who sunk the final putt to put the Europeans over and bring the title back to Europe yet again.

It belongs to Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley, who turned into one of the best American duos in Ryder Cup history with a 3-0 record in what was Bradley's maiden voyage on the Ryder Cup scene.

It belongs to Jim Furyk, who along with Steve Stricker, were the final straws in the U.S. collapse as they couldn't put together the two pars apiece needed to snatch the Cup away from the Europeans.

But no Tiger Woods. His final round split with Francesco Molinari didn't matter due to the outcome already being decided. It was fitting, since Woods didn't have much to say about the outcome anyway.