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Is That Andris Biedrins In The Back Of That Car?

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The folks over at Deadspin are always on top of the latest developments when it comes to professional athletes and scandal, and unfortunately for Golden State Warriors center Andris Biedrins, they were paying attention to him too.

Deadspin has gotten hold of some very incriminating photographs of what appears to be the Latvian big man getting some, shall we say, 'special attention' in the back seat of car from a very nice lady recently. Not exactly what the Warriors needed right now.

The timing for this to occur certainly isn't good for the W's, who recently settled on a sexual harrasment case with former player Monta Ellis, as well as currently dealing with an extorsion scandal with head coach Mark Jackson over an extra-marital affair.

Hopefully it comes out that this indeed is just a Biedrins doppleganger having himself a night on the town. But things like the little Jordan show hanging form the rear view mirror certainly isn't going to help the mans case. Neither is his face that looks strikingly like Biedrins.

But lets get some perspective on all this, shall we?

Per Ray Ratto on Twitter:

No, they certainly didn't.

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