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Golden State Warriors Offseason: Dominic McGuire Not Likely To Return, According To Report

The Golden State Warriors busy offseason continues as it looks like they've finally made a decision on the future of Dominic McGuire, according to the Oakland Tribune's Marcus Thompson II.

After signing rookie Draymond Green to his rookie deal, the Warriors think that Green will bring to the table similar attributes that McGuire brought. Green may not end up the defender that McGuire is but offensively, he is already viewed as being a better player than McGuire has been during his time in the NBA.

Also according to CSN Bay Area's Matt Steinmetz, the Warriors intend to bring back Charles Jenkins, whose contract becomes fully guaranteed on August 1 and will make $762,195 as the third point guard on the roster behind Stephen Curry and Jarrett Jack. Jack is on the last year of his deal so Jenkins could be groomed to take on the backup point guard duties in the future.

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