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Carl Landry Signed By Golden State Warriors To Two-Year Deal

It's official: Carl Landry is a Golden State Warrior. The Warriors had made it clear they were going after him from the beginning of free agency, and apparently they offered him a good enough deal to sign.

This probably isn't a signing Golden State should be overjoyed about outside of having more quality depth off their bench. Landry provides another offensive presence who can score down low and slow the game down when the starters are off the floor. Landry does struggle with rebounding, so it does not upgrade their biggest weakness at the power forward position. David Lee is a decent rebounder but his post defense is a bit lacking; Landry is a little bit better, but not by much.

Still, Landry provides an offensive punch in the frontcourt the team has lacked for quite some time, and could be a good bench player for Golden State. All in all, it's a move to upgrade the team.

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