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Warriors Sign Summer League Standout Kent Bazemore

Basketball doesn't quite get the feel good stories that a lot of other sports do because it doesn't have much of a minor league system in place. But every now and then, a player does what Kent Bazemore does - perform well enough in the summer league to garner a contract.

The Warriors came out impressed with Bazemore's performance in the summer league and reportedly have signed the swingman to a two-year deal.

Summer League Surprise Kent Bazemore Earns Contract with Warriors - Inside the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson

The deal is most likely to be a steal with the Warriors and probably one with a low guarantee as the Warriors already have quite the crowded backcourt. Whether or not Bazemore would be able to crack the rotation for consistent minutes would probably require some assistance from the injury bug.

"Guys like that, they make it impossible not to keep him," Warriors General Manager Bob Myers said of Bazemore in a phone interview Monday. "You can't cut him, for whatever reason. He falls into the category of a guy who you just want to keep around."

Bazemore caught the eyes of the Warriors with help of his defense, averaging 1.8 blocks and 1.5 steals a game, including a seven block effort against the Chicago Bulls.

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