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NBA Trade Rumors: Remaining Bench Players Warriors Could Target

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The Golden State Warriors are fresh off their undefeated Summer League campaign, which is like saying you went undefeated in pick up games down the street. Still, the terms 'undefeated' and 'Warriors' don't make it into the same sentence a whole lot, so there's something.

Anyway I digress. CSN Bay Area's Matt Steinmetz brings us a look at some of the remaining bench players the Warriors could acquire this season as Golden State looks to add some extra forward depth this year. Even though the roster looks rather complete as of now, Let's take a closer look at some of this outstanding talent Steinmetz possibly sees in the W's crosshairs:

Lou Amundson: The former Warrior returning to the Bay Area would be as lackluster a move the team could possibly make. He was a yawn of a player a few years ago, averaging 3 points and 3 rebounds in Indiana last year. That's production that can be had by a rookie. He brings a little defense and shot-block ability, but that's about it. There's a reason Amundson has been on five different teams in six years in the league.

Kenyon Martin: One of the most well-rounded and hard-nosed players on Steinmetz's list, Martin would be an ideal candidate for the increase of toughness the W's are trying to inject. Seen by some as a volatile character, Steinmetz sees him as a possibly locker room liability. As long as he stays away from Latrell Sprewell territory against Mark Jackson, I think all would be fine.

Troy Murphy: Another outcast from the island of misfit Warriors, Murphy is....oh screw it. Just don't bring this guy back.

Carl Landry: More of an offensive minded guy who averaged 12.5 points for the Kings last year, Landry isn't exactly what the W's are looking for. Still, he could be a solid addition off the bench for the right price, and has the kind of motor that Jackson likes out of his players.

Dominic McGuire: McGuire had some nice moments late in the season last year for the Warriors, and as a restricted free agent could be coming back to the Bay anyway. McQuire could theoretically be signed to a smaller deal (depending on other team's interest in him) leaving the W's the dough to sign another player.

Jermaine O'Neal: Another NBA vagabond, O'Neal has spent the last two seasons hampered with injury. Steinmetz calls him the front court equivalent to Brandon Roy, and with lingering injury questions for both Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut, adding another question mark into the fold seems obtuse.

Anthony Tolliver: Sticking with the former W's theme, Tolliver is another name that could find himself back in the Bay. But Tolliver is known more for his three's than his defense, and doesn't really have the knack as a tough guy. That's why Dorell Wright had to go, and Tolliver seems like a replica of that.

Shelden Williams: Seeing time with six teams in six years in the league, Williams has taken his 4.5 PPG and 4.3 RPG just about everywhere in the league. Still, he got the start in 35 games for the Nets last year and could be of some use off the bench, once again for the right price.

Like I said before, slim pickings.

Out of all these players/scenarios that could occur, a resigning of McQuire and acquisition of Martin would give the W's some solid backup for David Lee, who got beat up pretty good late in the season after carrying the PF position on his back all year.

And with Brandon Rush (if he sticks around), Richard Jefferson (please don't stick around) Jeremy Tyler, and Klay Thompson, the W's have a lot of options with their forwards already. Let's not forget rookies Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green either, who could learn a lot from veterans like Lee and Martin (if signed).

I wouldn't expect any big splashes this summer from Golden State. Actually, I barely expect a ripple.

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