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2012 NBA Free Agency: Warriors Could Sign JJ Hickson, According To Report

After being thrown into the national spotlight as the primary reason the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't make a trade for Amare Stoudemire while LeBron James was still in town, J.J. Hickson has bounced around a bit.

And it looks like Hickson will bounce right to the Golden State Warriors.

A source told Fox Sports' Sam Amico that it's "hard to imagine" Hickson signing with anyone besides the Warriors. This should come as no surprise as the love affair between player and team goes back to last season when the Warriors tried to sign him when he was released from the Sacramento Kings but the Portland Trail Blazers claimed him off waivers first.

Hickson is an unrestricted free agent after the Blazers did not give him a qualifying offer.

The Warriors also have interest in Jordan Hill and Kwame Brown as they look to upgrade their frontline depth, according to ESPN.

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