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Golden State Warriors Offseason: Stephen Curry Working Towards Comeback

Stephen Curry is in North Carolina and he looks nothing like the kid the Golden State Warriors drafted out of Davidson such a short while ago.

Curry is coming off of his second ankle surgery and he's spent his time building up his body with a rigorous summer workout plan at Accelerate Basketball training facility with trainer Brandon Payne.

"It's crazy stuff, but it helps a lot keeping my body in shape and keep my fundamentals and motor skills at a high level when it comes to basketball, without a lot of stress on my ankle," said Curry in the Charlotte Observer. "It's very different, some of the ways they stay above the curve with the different technologies they've found."

Curry still isn't ready to play basketball yet, but he's staying focused on where he needs to be in order to be on the floor when training camp starts.

"Naturally, you're more anxious to get back on the floor and get that feeling of ‘I know it's 100 percent' and not have to worry about it anymore. I know when I do get back I will worry about it for a month or so. (After the injuries last season) I wasn't 100 percent at all. I wanted to play, but it was a smart decision - looking back on it - to sit.

"I was able to figure out what was exactly wrong with my ankle instead of running it into the ground, so I had the surgery done in April and I've taken time off and made it useful."

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