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Golden State Warriors Meet With Free Agent Forward Carl Landry

The Golden State Warriors do not have a ton of money to spend this offseason, but that has not stopped them from looking at any and all options on the market. The team could benefit from adding a quality post player, and they are reportedly considering unrestricted Carl Landry. He averaged a little more than 12 points and five rebounds a game last season.

Here's the latest from Marcus Thompson:

The Warriors took another step in their efforts to land power forward Carl Landry. Friday, Landry and the Warriors met and continued discussions about signing the unrestricted free agent. No deal is imminent, according to a league source, but the meeting was characterized as good. Apparently, the Warriors aren't out of the running despite having limited funds

Landry has earned a reputation as being one of the league's toughest players when on the court, and his efficient offensive production makes him an appealing player to just about every team with a vacancy. The only downside to his game is durability -- in the last four years, Landry has played in an average of about 38 games.

There's a chance Landry ends up following the money and going elsewhere, but it appears the Warriors will at least be in the running to land him in the coming weeks.

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