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Golden State Warriors Trade Dorell Wright To Philadelphia 76ers, Receive Old Philly Draft Pick

The Golden State Warriors have been shopping Dorell Wright for some time. They finally found a suitor for him in the Philadelphia 76ers. CSN Philly Insider Dei Lynam had the initial report. The Warriors receive a future pick that has yet to be figured out. Correction: Golden State receives a player Philly has already drafted and is now playing overseas, according to Marcus Thompson.

Wright has been considered Golden State's most tradeable player on the team because of his versatility at the wing spot, and a lot of teams are always looking for small forward. However, no offers really came up that Golden State really liked, so he just kinda had to linger along and hope that he would stick around. Unfortunately for Wright, Golden State finally found a trade they liked. Wright averaged 10.3 points per game but shot only 42% from the field in his final season in the Bay Area.

The Wright deal pretty much opens up the small forward position for rookie Harrison Barnes to take over the starting small forward spot. It also opens up more opportunity for Brandon Rush, who's coming off a career season where he averaged nearly 10 points per game in an average of 26 minutes of action, but also while shooting 50% from the field, 79% from the line and a pretty incredible 45% from three point land. With Wright's four-million dollar contract out of the way for next season, Golden State should be in a pretty good position to sign Rush to a deal similar to the one Wright had and still have room for more free agency moves.

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