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Andris Biedrins Accused Of Tax Evasion

It just doesn't feel like the year of Andris Biedrins is getting off to the start we were all hoping for. Biedrins averaged career lows with the Golden State Warriors under first-year head coach Mark Jackson, averaging a mere 1.7 points, 3 rebounds and one block a game after averaging 15 minutes of playing time a contest. It looks like Biedrins will be the odd man out of the rotation once Andrew Bogut heals up and Jeremy Tyler starts taking more of the backup center minutes, meaning he could soon be out of a job in the NBA.

And now there's this little piece of news that can be anything but good for the seven foot center.

The revenue service said that Biedrins and two other individuals were accused of evading value-added tax to the tune of 11,500 lats (16,000 euros, $20,000) in November 2011.

The case revolves around the import of a Malibu Wakesetter boat from the United States to Latvia for personal use, with a bogus leisure-hire company having been created to help dodge tax duties, it alleged.

Anyone found guilty of the alleged offences could face a jail term of up to five years, community service or a fine as well as confiscation of property, the revenue service said.

I'm not exactly sure how expensive Latvian property taxes are, but Biedrins did sign a six year, multi-million dollar contract and will make nine million this upcoming season, so I'm not sure exactly how Biedrins could be having trouble paying his taxes. Not a good sign if he's out of money, because it's not likely he'll get anymore lucrative deals the rest of his basketball career.

This picture (probably NSFW) suddenly takes on a new meaning, doesn't it?

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