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Rudy Gay Trade Rumors: Golden State Warriors Interested

Rudy Gay has had solid times with the Memphis Grizzlies, but it's quite possible he could be on his way out of town. After being drafted in 2006 by Memphis, Gay has been one of the most reliable players on the Grizzlies, particularly with regards to his scoring. But he had trouble leading the team to victory against the Los Angeles Clippers and they went out in the first round. With possibly a limited window of contention with this squad, Memphis might need to think of dealing Gay and starting to build up quality talent through the draft.

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld filed this latest report that has the Warriors interested in Gay, and Golden State does have the seventh overall pick in the draft that they could try dealing to Memphis. Several other teams are showing interest, including the Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors. Gay would provide Golden State a solid wing that could anchor the scoring with Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut. Golden State wants to get a small forward, and Gay is probably one of the best ones who fits the bill.

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