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2012 NBA Draft Grades: Experts Like Warriors Selection Of Harrison Barnes

The Golden State Warriors had four picks at their disposal for the 2012 NBA Draft, including the seventh overall pick in the first round. The team used their picks to focus landing an elite wing prospect, Harrison Barnes, and then a couple of post players to build on for the future.

Most scouting experts liked what Golden State did on Thursday night, including Chad Ford of ESPN. Here is a part of what Ford said in regards to the Warriors.

Analysis: I felt like this draft really fell the Warriors' way a couple of times. They came into the draft looking to find a starter at small forward. They walked away with two serious candidates with Barnes and Green, who were both projected to go higher than the Warriors' draft position. I know their heart was set on MKG or Waiters, but Barnes is a terrific consolation prize whose pro game may have been a bit obscured at UNC. I think he has Danny Granger-esque potential and, alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, gives the Warriors some serious firepower from the perimeter.

Grade: A-

Ford also said he really liked the pick of Draymond Green, who was about as productive as you can possibly be in college. Should their second second round pick, Festus Ezeli, stay healthy, he could also be a very useful center down the road.

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