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NBA Draft Grades 2012: Golden State Warriors Get An 'A' For Talented Draft Class

With four picks heading into the 2012 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors were looking to make the most of this year's selections. And instead of trying to make any trades or fall back for cash considerations the W's hung tough and drafted a talented player with each one of their four picks.

Obviously landing a talent like Harrison Barnes is going to make your draft class look great, but they managed to get quality players from top to bottom, leading SB Nation's Tom Ziller to give the Warriors an A in his 2012 NBA Draft Grades.

Here is Ziller with the commentary:

The Warriors made the most of it with a beautiful fit in Barnes, whom we shall now call Dorell Wright Plus. Golden State also did really well later, picking up Ezeli (a promising defensive big man) and Draymond Green, who might be better than David Lee soon enough. (Right?) I don't know what an Ognjen Kuzmic is, but everyone else was taking southeastern Europeans, so why not?

With all of these selections the Warriors will have some maneuvering to do on their roster, but there's always room for a group as big and talented as this one. I guess all that 'tanking' during the season has seemed to actually pay off.

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