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NBA Draft 2012, Warriors: Reaction To Warriors Harrison Barnes And Other Warriors Picks

The Golden State Warriors were busy at the 2012 NBA Draft, making a full four picks on Thursday night. The Warriors 2012 draft class:

  • Harrison Barnes - 7th Overall
  • Festus Ezeli - 30th Overall
  • Draymond Green - 35th Overall
  • Ognjen Kuzmic - 52nd Overall

SB Nation's Warriors blog Golden State of Mind has plenty of coverage on the Warriors draft results, including a long look at Barnes that was published before the draft:

I don't question that Barnes was a good player even if he didn't accomplish all that college basketball fans expected him to before ever touching a basketball in a powder blue uniform.

Yet there's legitimate reason to question whether Barnes is truly the great prospect or elite talent that people claim he is, especially because he was a college scorer who people expect to transition to a great NBA shooter or as Zeller said, possibly, "...the best shooter in the draft."

His numbers as a prospect simply don't support those claims.

Judging by the fan voting, Warriors fans are pleased with Barnes and the rest of the draft class. It will be interesting to see if everyone embraces Barnes now that he's officially a Warrior. Head over to Golden State of Mind to see what they have to say or to voice your own opinion.

For more on the Golden State Warriors and the 2012 NBA Draft, stick with this storystream. For full time Warriors news and analysis, check out Golden State of Mind. And don't miss these NBA Draft prospect videos from SB Nation Studios: