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Warriors Draft Rumors: Dion Waiters, Harrison Barnes, Or Trade 7th Pick?

According to a report from Yahoo Sports Adrian Wojnarwoski, the Golden State Warriors have a bit of a riff inside of their own management as some feel that taking Andre Drummond with the No. 7 overall pick would be a good idea, while others see Dion Waiters or Harrison Barnes as the No. 7 guy. They could even trade back and get a lot of value, so it's obvious that the W's have a lot to think about come draft time this evening.

There's a small pocket of Golden State management that's a proponent of drafting UConn center Andre Drummond with the seventh pick, but several Warriors officials are less enthusiastic about him. Waiters has strong support among the Warriors' front office and coaching staff, along with North Carolina's Harrison Barnes. Waiters' ability to attack the basket and get to the foul line is appealing for a Golden State team that ranked among the league's worst in free-throw attempts.

Golden State has also shown a willingness to trade the No. 7 pick and move back in the first-round if none of the team's desired targets are available. The Warriors also own the 30th pick

Having a large management group such as the Warriors do can have that affect sometimes, though they certainly won't be complaining about their 'problems' in this year's draft.

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