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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Bill Simmons Has Andre Drummond To Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are in a very peculiar situation with the seventh overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, and they really could go anywhere with their pick. It will probably all depend on who gets selected before them. Golden State could use perimeter players, solid guard play, and a strong big in the paint. Where should they go with their selection?

Bill Simmons and Chad Ford held their own mock on Grantland, and it has the Warriors taking a risk on Andre Drummond. Simmons tries to explain why Drummond will end up with Golden State based on previous results.

Speaking of toxic, I can't pass on Andre Drummond for Golden State's no. 7 pick. It's just too perfect. Three months ago, I covered Golden State's 60 steps to push its fan base to the point that owner Joe Lacob got lustily booed on Chris Mullin Night. Tanking the last month of the 2012 season while adamantly pretending they weren't tanking — that was Step No. 61. Ending up with a potential heartbreaker like Drummond as the fruit of their tanking labors — that's Step No. 62. It's destiny. I love how much I hate this pick.

Ford adds the following scouting report on Drummond.

If the draft actually plays out that way and Barnes and MKG don't slide, they may very well do that. They really wanted a starting-caliber small forward and Drummond goes against everything owner Joe Lacob says he wants (players with great motors who play hard all the time). With that said, I wonder if we are being too hard on Drummond. He's very young, has the best NBA body/athleticism in a big man we've seen since Dwight Howard and at the very minimum should be able to rebound and block shots at the NBA level.

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