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Warriors Draft Rumors: Denver Nuggets Eyeing Deal For No. 7 Pick?

The Golden State Warriors are just one day away from the NBA Draft, meaning the scuttlebutt is flying around like a swarm of locusts, engulfing people in their tittle-tattle and hearsay.

Here's another one for the gossip mill, reported by ESPN"s Chris Broussard

Per ESPN's Chris Broussard on Twitter:

This deal is not cap-ready as is, as a player such as Dorrell Wright woud have to be thrown in the mix. Nevertheless, the W's would be ill-suited to give up such a high draft pick this year, even though there aren't many home-run selections aside from Anthony Davis. And Wilson Chandler is certainly not a home run either.

I think Tim Kawakami has the right perspsctive on all of this:

Yup. Just because two teams are talking, doesn't mean that chat will lead to anything.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot about that too. Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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