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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Golden State Warriors Take Damian Lillard, Jeff Taylor

The Golden State Warriors have plenty of needs they have to shore up in the 2012 NBA Draft, and they thankfully have plenty of picks to improve their mediocre situation. Golden State has two first round draft picks and two second round picks, including the seventh overall.

SB Nation has their blogger mock, and Nate Parham of Golden State of Mind decided to address one of their needs and take the best point guard on the board. With their lottery pick, Golden State snatches point guard Damian Lillard from Weber State to give their team a true leader at the 1.

The GSoM community draft board has Lillard rated the highest of any one left on the board at this point so that's the pick we're making here.

His biggest asset in terms of a quality the Warriors currently is to be his ability to penetrate and score. He can shoot 3's and drive. In addition, with Stephen Curry's health concerns having someone who might be able to handle the ball and function as a lead ball handler makes someone who can fill that spot make sense, despite the ongoing desire for a big man. The fact that he's an Oakland native certainly doesn't hurt, but some might argue he's just the best player available.

The Warriors take Jeff Taylor with their second pick in the first round, the small forward from Vanderbilt.

Talk about Lillard and Taylor with Warriors fans by heading on over to Golden State of Mind.

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