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Warriors Draft Rumors: Golden State Intrigued By Tyler Zeller

The Golden State Warriors probably don't have a good read on who they want to pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The seventh spot is such a volatile place because you're almost entirely dependent on who the teams ahead of you pick in the draft, and you're not ever really sure until draft day if this is the guy you actually want.

One interesting draft rumor is really making the rounds. How about Golden State grabbing themselves a young center? has the latest buzz.

We hear that Tyler Zeller has entered the mix for the Warriors at the 7th pick because Warriors executive Jerry West loves him.

Seven seems awfully high for a player that many projected as a mid-late first coming into the season.

The team could always look to trade down a few spots to the 10-12 range and likely still be able to grab him.

It's looking like the Andris Biedrins era is nearing an era and Andrew Bogut will be the primary big, so Zeller could provide a secondary presence in the paint, meaning the Warriors would have two solid post presences for the first time in forever.

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