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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Golden State Warriors Pick Damian Lillard

The Golden State Warriors probably don't know who they're going to pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. The seventh spot is a danger zone and it's hard to figure out who to take until you know who's been taken ahead of you. It would seem if Golden State had a choice, they'd try and take the best potential wing player available, or possibly even a big man.

Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress released his latest mock though, and it has the Warriors dipping back and taking another guard. In this case it's a local prospect, one Damian Lillard of Weber State (but originally from Oakland).

Breaking the draft down into tiers, it's clear there are a few large dropoffs in value. One is between picks one and two. Another is right here. The player who is picked at seven could very well have been drafted at 17 under different circumstances. The Warriors have a group of about 10 players to choose from, and don't have any type of consensus at this point about who they might take. Lillard appears to be the best long-term prospect on the board in terms of sheer value, and should be able to see minutes alongside Stephen Curry thanks to his excellent size and perimeter shooting ability.

That being said, Golden State has wing issues and big man issues. Taking a guard doesn't really alleviate their problems, even if Curry is probably better suited for pairing up with Klay Thompson at the two and a three guard lineup of Lillard, Curry and Thompson could present matchup problems for the rest of the league.

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