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Warriors Draft Rumors: W's Eyeing Luol Deng? Possible Trade With Heat or Thunder?

The Contra Costa Times' Marcus Thompson brings us a number of notes on the Golden State Warriors when it comes to making trades, draft day moves, and even whom they may be looking to draft this year.

First off, Thompson brings up this:

Per the NBA rumor mill, the Chicago Bulls are entertaining giving up Luol Deng to get into the NBA draft lottery. According to sources, Golden State hasn't talked with Chicago about Deng yet. But Deng is on the Warriors' short list of veteran small forwards they'd be interested in.

That is, of course, if the Bulls want to take anything the W's have to offer. Thompson sees a scenario in which the No. 7 overall pick and possibly a Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson would be part of the deal; not exactly a pair of exciting prospects.

Thompson also notes a possible tie to the Oklahoma City Thunder or Miami Heat, who may be looking to trade out of the first round of the draft this year to avoid having another guaranteed contract on their roster:

According to NBA whispers, both are looking at trading out of the first round...The Thunder (No. 27) and Heat (No. 28), and even Chicago at No. 29, might be just as happy with the No. 35 pick, which the Warriors can offer along with No. 52.

Why would the Warriors do this? It would give them three first-round picks. That would allow them trade two, to move up or get a veteran they like, and still draft a first-rounder.

Thompson is also reporting that Golden State is looking for the best player available no matter what, though also notes that the difference between the top tier of this year's draft and the late first and second rounders isn't that big, meaning there is a lot of solid talent and not many LeBron James tucked in there.

The possible permutations of the W's draft process is beyond mind-boggling, and with the closed-doors approach that the team is taking, it's hard to read just what their though process is. Names like Dion Waters, Terrence Ross, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Andre Drummond are swirling about as possible No. 7 picks, but it all depends on what happens before them, and of course, any trades being made.

It seems that the Warriors are waiting to see what comes to them in my opinion, which means we may have to wait all the way until draft day to see what they are up to. Going to be an exciting week for the W's front office, that's for sure.

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