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NBA Mock Draft 2012: John Henson Selected By Golden State Warriors

Ok everybody, the NBA Draft in right around the corner and the Golden State Warriors have their hands full of picks. They can trade em away from proven NBA talents, or hoard them and selected four young up-and-comers. My guess is they do a little of both, while legendary basketball analyst Tom Ziller and his latest NBA Mock Draft have the W's selecting John Henson out of the University of North Carolina with the No. 7 overall pick.

Here is Ziller with the commentary:

The Warriors are not mysterious in the sense that it's pretty clear they'd be silly to skip taking one of the excellent big men assuredly available. They are mysterious in the sense that I, for one, have no freaking clue which one they'll pick. I almost granted them Jared Sullinger, whose back issue was refuted strongly by agent David Falk and who looks like a good fit. But if Golden State is a little worried, Henson is a good replacement for Ekpe Udoh.

Well, with ownership like movie-mogul Peter Guber a little suspense added to any Warriors plot line is a good thing, right? Love him or hate him, Heston will be a decent fit, just as Ekpe Udoh was decent and Kwame Brown was decent and Lou Amundson was...well, you get the picture.

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