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NBA Draft 2012: Warriors Looking To Break Bad Luck Streak In Lottery

The last 14 times the Golden State Warriors have participated in the NBA lottery, they've stayed put nine times, moved back five times, and never moved forward in the order. Once. Could that all be changing this season? The San Jose Mercury Tribune's Tim Kawakami is certainly hoping so,

The Warriors are currently in the seventh draft slot and have a 72.5-percent chance of either staying seventh or moving up to the top three, all of which would allow them to keep the valuable pick.

It would be extremely unlucky for the Warriors to get knocked back to eighth or lower in the lottery and have to deliver the draft choice to Utah (due to the conditions of a previous trade).

But I'm arguing that the Warriors' karma has changed, and we'll see proof on May 30.

Kawakami goes on to discuss how the new regime spearheaded by Joe Lacob has brought on a 'change it atmosphere' that could turn into positive vibes for the W's in this year's lottery. Although this is far from an exact science, it is an interesting idea to ponder, especially if you believe in the law of averages.

When you don't lie to yourself, good things can happen. When you try to trick the fans and the rest of the league, you're doomed.

Now, almost two years since Lacob and Guber agreed to purchase the team from Cohan, the Warriors are due.

Still, the two 'luckiest' years the W's had in the lottery were seasons they dropped back, falling two spots to get Mitch Richmond fifth overall in 1988, and falling six spots in 1985 only to draft Chris Mullin seventh.

Hopefully the basketball gods will shine down on the Warriors May 30, where ever the draft lottery slots them.

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