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Bobcats Targeting Warriors Assistant Coach, According To Reports


According to Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick, the Charlotte Bobcats will interview Golden State Warriors assistant coach Michael Malone.

Yahoo! Sports reports Malone will be interviewed by Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins and general manager Rich Cho.

Despite not being ever being an NBA head coach, Malone is widely considered to be on the league's top assistant coaches. The Warriors hired Malone last summer, hoping for his strong technical knowledge of the game to complement new head coach Mark Jackson.

Here is the take on Malone's possible departure from Nate Parham at SB Nation's Golden State Of Mind:

As Woj alludes to in the article quoted above, Malone was considered a strong head coaching candidate even when the Warriors signed him as Mark Jackson's assistant last year and, honestly, hiring Malone made me feel a lot more comfortable about hiring the inexperienced Jackson.

It will be hard to replace an assistant coach of Malone's caliber, but it looks like the Warriors might have to start considering options at some point this off-season. (Via: Golden State Of Mind)

For more on the Golden State Warrios and Malone's possible departure, check out Golden State Of Mind.