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2012 NBA Draft: Warriors Have Lots Of Options With Four Picks

With the NBA Draft only about a month away, the Golden State Warriors must prepare a bit more than other teams around the league seeing that they'll have four picks to make in the 2012 NBA Draft. Golden State finds themselves in need of a few pieces to complete their roster, and have a great opportunity tot get some talent in this draft class.

The Warriors will have four picks in this year's draft (No. 7, 30, 35, 52), the first time Golden State has had four picks since 1995. Golden State has had the No. 7 pick only twice in the history of the Lottery, selecting Chris Mullin in 1985 and Stephen Curry in 2009, both of whom have turned out pretty well for Golden State.

In 21 Lottery appearances since it began back in 1985, the Warriors have moved up only three times, dropped down eight times and stayed put the other 10 times.

Not only could Golden State snag four top youngsters in this year's draft, they could also use all these picks as some trade leverage with names like Andre Iguodala possibly on the W's radar, and draft day trades are always a lot of fun too. The W's have set themselves up very nicely with lots and lots of options to work with. That is just the place you want to be in a draft, the one with the picks has the power. Now let's see how they flex it.

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