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2012 NBA Draft: Golden State Warriors Want To Secure Lottery Pick From Utah Jazz

The Golden State Warriors have a top-seven protected pick in the 2012 NBA Draft with the Utah Jazz. If the Warriors ended up with a top-seven pick in this Wednesday's draft lottery (they're projected to go seventh), they'll keep the pick. If it goes below that, the pick transfers to Utah.

Golden State is trying to protect that pick with a trade this week. They're in good shape already, but it seems they feel they're not secure enough with the high probability they could end up with the pick. Marc Stein files this report for ESPN.

But the Warriors, sources say, are prepared to sacrifice a trade asset or two before Wednesday's lottery to make a deal with Utah that would wipe out the stipulations in place for the 28 percent possibility that the pick falls outside of the top seven.

Under the current terms, Golden State's pick must be conveyed to Utah if it's No. 8 or lower, as mandated by a previous trade with New Jersey in which the Warriors dealt a pick that the Brooklyn-bound Nets later sent to the Jazz as part of the Deron Williams blockbuster in February 2011.

Marcus Thompson reports from his sources that the Warriors do not plan on including players in the deal.

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