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Dakota Wizards Headed To Santa Cruz?

It looks as if the Golden State Warriors aren't the only team that'll be on the move. Their developmental franchise will be taking a much longer trip to reach a much closer location, as they hit the road from Bismarck to Santa Cruz. Shanna McCord of the Santa Cruz Sentinel filed this report.

The council's approval allows the Oakland-based NBA franchise to move the Dakota Wizards to Santa Cruz from North Dakota to play in a temporary 30,000-square-feet arena to be built on a Front Street parking lot owned by the Boardwalk's parent company, the Seaside Co.

"Santa Cruz, at its soul, can be the best minor league market," said Jim Weyermann, president of the D-League team, currently known as the Dakota Wizards.

The deal calls for a $3.5 million city loan to build a basketball pavilion that can seat 2,725 before the season begins in late November.

The deal hasn't quite been approved yet, but Lacob seems fairly confident it'll go through.

The Dakota Wizards started playing in the NBDL from 2006 in the present. They originally started out in the IBA in 1995 and stayed there until 2001 before playing in the CBA from 2001 to 2006. They have won four championships in all those leagues.

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