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Warriors To San Francisco: David Stern Confident In S.F., W's Ownership Group

With the news that the Golden State Warriors will be moving back across the Bay this morning, excitement comes along with some concerns about funding, parking, anda number of other things. Still, there is much more optimism than doubt at the moment, especially from those involved in the project who seemed elated at the idea of moving back to San Francisco.

Tim Kawakami as well as a few other Bay Area media members got the chance to speak to some of the folks at the Golden State Warriors press conference this morning, including NBA commissioner David Stern.

Per Tim Kawakami on Twitter:

Plan B is moving next door to the San Francisco Giants, possibly creating a scenario similar to what they have around the Staples Center in Los Angeles in the "L.A. Live" area that includes the Nokia theatre. Still, much of the success of the project is hinging on the city of San Francisco, though Stern noted that they City is ready, willing and able to get this project done.

'Coming together of the stars' is a great way to put it, though 'an alignment of pocketbooks' could be a bit more fitting.

Joe Lacob's jesting comment to Stern that the W's were the highest priced NBA franchise ever sold during the press conference didn't go unnoticed, especially with the team claiming all private money will fund this project. Stern was not concerned about funding the arena.

Lots of paperwork, meetings, logistics, construction and much much more will be in the works for the next few years, but today was a good jumping off point for the Warriors' big move back to the City.

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