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Don Nelson, Ultimate Slacker, Finally Gets College Degree

All basketball fans in the Bay Area are familiar with Don Nelson, the beloved former head coach of the Golden State Warriors. You're probably less familiar with Don Nelson, rad slacker and college burnout. It's okay, though. He finally stopped being a bum and crashing on his buddy's couch long enough to get his bachelor's degree in physical education (the ultimate slacker degree).

It was 1962 when Nelly decided to peace out from the University of Iowa and spend a summer or two bumming around the Boston Celtics. That "bumming around" eventually turned into 50 full years of a totally bitchin' NBA career as both a player and a coach.

Nelson must have realized that he only had about eight hours left of class to get his degree, according to CSN Bay Area. Nelly bombed on over to Iowa to finish up his classes and was given his degree on Saturday. Hey! Good for him. Now get a job, ya hippie.

Wait a minute, this dude dropped out of college to become a basketball star for five decades with eight hours of class left to do? Holy hell, Don Nelson is the greatest slacker this world has ever seen. He is an inspiration to us all. And you should see his conversion van.

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