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Warriors Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut Scheduled For Surgery Next Week

According to the San Jose Mercury News' Marcus Thompson, two of the main cogs to the Golden State Warriors future success will have to go under the knife once again as both Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut are set to have surgies to help their already nagging injuries.

Curry is set to have a scope of his oft-injured right ankle to try and find a specific reason why his ankle just can't get itself better. As for Bogut, he is going to have his fractured left ankle 'cleaned up,' looking to join the Warriors camp this fall without any issues.

Van Nuys, CA based Dr. Richard Ferkle will perform both operations, with Curry going in on Wednesday and Bogut scheduled for Friday.

"Now is the time to do it," Warriors general manager Larry Riley said in a phone interview Saturday. "You don't want to get into July and August and say we should've scoped this thing."

Bogut has had three MRIs since joining the Warriors on March 13. He broke his ankle Jan. 25 when he was with the Milwaukee Bucks. This procedure is to ensure everything has gone and will go smoothly.

"I'm not really too worried about the surgery," Bogut said. "But in saying that, it's still a surgery. I think I will bounce back fine, and it shouldn't hinder or change my game."

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