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NBA Mock Draft 2012: Golden State Warriors Take Draymond Green First, Leon Radosevic Second

The Golden State Warriors might not have their 2012 lottery pick as they surrender it to the Utah Jazz, but they can still draft quality big men like Draymond Green of the Michigan State Spartans.

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The Golden State Warriors are sadly looking like they won't have a lottery pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. They're currently situated as the ninth worst team in the NBA, meaning they're very likely to end up out of the top seven, meaning they would surrender that pick to the Utah Jazz. They should still have picks late in the first and the second round though.

The Warriors are lucky in the sense this is a deeper draft than normal, giving them some leeway to grab some big men. In DraftExpress's latest mock, Draymond Green of the Michigan St. Spartans is who the Warriors take with their first pick. Green is an undersized power forward who can probably do some damage at the three as a rebounder. Then they hit up the overseas market and draft Leon Radosevic of Milano, a potential European big man project to possibly replace Andris Biedrins. The Warriors aiming to go big in this new draft might not be a bad bet.

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