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Dwight Howard Rumors: Golden State Warriors Ideal Trade Candidate

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic is not likely to be moved. But if he does get switched around, expect it to be a team that doesn't mind if he doesn't agree to an extension. Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld has more.

The Rockets and Warriors continue to be open to landing Howard in a rental deal, hoping they could persuade the All-Star center to stay beyond the six-week finale to the season.

We've talked about this before, but if Howard is moved, the Warriors would be the ideal candidate. Golden State is stuck in perpetual limbo with the team they have--they're good enough to compete, but not good enough to win, which always puts them in that 30-35 win range that doesn't earn them a high draft pick and the chance to get a good player.

It's a decent situation. If the Warriors land Howard and convince him to stay, they can build around him and try and win with him. If they lose him to free agency, the Warriors will have no stars and can either rebuild the team or try and improve via the draft. Anything has to be better than this slow slog through mediocrity.

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