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Josh Smith Trade Rumors: Warriors Interested If Hawks PF Wants Out

The Atlanta Hawks might be wrapping up their tumultuous relationship with their star power forward Josh Smith. Despite Smith having his best season in Atlanta and the Hawks chugging along just as strongly as ever, the explosive big man might want a change in scenery.

The Golden State Warriors would be happy to get him. Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Consitution has this report.

Smith is definitely the all-around package. He plays solid defense, he can get to the hoop, and he can hit the jump shot on a regular basis now. These are things Golden State definitely lacks right now. Plus it'd help rejuvenate life into a Warriors fanbase that hasn't had much to cheer about lately, as Smith is one of the most exciting players

The big question is do they have a package they can put together that doesn't gut their team while at the same time gets them Smith? It's going to be close. Stephen Curry or Monta Ellis would likely have to be part of the pacage.

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