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NBA Free Agents 2012: Golden State Warriors Will Pursue Robin Lopez

The Golden State Warriors need a center. Almost every basketball expert agrees on that. They're too small inside and get eaten up by any team in the league with decent size and big men. They need someone to help replace the ineffective Andris Biedrins before they end up sacrificing the team they have now and be forced back into rebuilding mode.

Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on one particular big the Warriors might end up pursuing this offseason to augment their overall strength.

The Warriors will consider signing Robin Lopez in the offseason.

With Ekpe Udoh emerging and David Lee proving he can be quite an offensive force, getting a defensive-minded center like Lopez could be a critical cog in solidifying a solid big man rotation for the Warriors. Will the Suns be able to match for him if Golden State tries to offer a big deal?

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