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Basketball Hall Of Fame Will Reportedly Induct Don Nelson

Don Nelson, one of the most successful coaches in Golden State Warriors history, will reportedly be headed to the 2012 Basketball Hall of Fame.

The Golden State Warriors haven't made many playoff trips lately, but almost all of the most recent ones have come under the watch of Don Nelson. Based on his long and successful career in the league, the Basketball Hall of Fame appears to be within his grasp. Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News filed this report.

The winningest coach in NBA history - and also the Mavericks' coach with the most victories - will be part of the new induction class that will be announced in the coming days, according to a source close to the basketball hall of fame.

Nelson has been on the ballot for several years, only to come up short of the necessary votes needed for induction, despite owning a glossy portfolio as an NBA coach, not to mention owning five championship rings as a player.

Nelson spent two different stints in Golden State. His first stint lasted from 1988 to 1995, where he helped power up the Run-TMC age with Tim Hardaway, Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond to land Golden State in the playoffs four of six years, including two first round victories in 1988-89 and 1990-91. His next stint came from 2006-07 to 2009-10, where the Warriors would manage one stunning first round victories against the Dallas Mavericks in one of the greatest upsets in NBA playoff history.

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