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Bill Simmons' 60 Steps To Annoy A Fanbase, Golden State Warriors Edition

With an NBA Championship that a large part of the fan base wasn't born to even witness, a long history of front office ineptitude and a 2007 first-round playoff victory the only laurel to rest on in recent memory, it's easy to see why fans of the Golden State Warriors may be a bit irked, taking it out on co-owner Joe Lacob.

ESPN/Grantland's Bill Simmons also recognizes this, going as far to creating his 60 easy steps to annoy a fanbase, pointing out the lamentable franchise stuck in the hoosegow known as Oracle Arena.

Here are some of my favorite quips delivered by Simmons:

2. With that no. 5 pick in 1978, the Warriors picked Purvis Short. The next pick? Larry Joe Bird.

I'm too young to really know either of these players, but the fact that Simmons references them lets me know that it's funny. I think that Joe Bird guy turned out OK.

22. With Webber gone, the Warriors became Latrell Sprewell's team. The good news: Spree was coming off a First-Team All-NBA nod the previous year. The bad news: He was Latrell Sprewell.

He is also the Warriors last All-Star Game participant, way back when in 1999.

22. You know what's sad? We're not even close to being done yet.

Exactly. That's why people can read it for themselves here.

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