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Chris Mullin Retirement Ceremony: Warriors Fans Boo Their Owner, Rick Barry Gets Mad [VIDEO]

The Golden State Warriors have experienced decades upon decades of disappointment from their ownership, particularly during the atrocious Chris Cohan era. The fans of the team have seen so much misfortune during their time and other than a brief spark, almost no playoff runs to count for it, and just plenty of pent-up frustration. The recent (and unpopular) Monta Ellis trade probably did nothing to alleviate matters.

The frustration boiled over during the Chris Mullin retirement ceremony when new owner Joe Lacob stepped up to the podium and addressed the crowd. The result was not pleasant for anyone, and leads to Rick Barry going madhouse on the fans. Fun times up in Oakland right now.


Obviously it's sad to see Golden State fans reduced to this during a ceremony for one of their greatest, but hopefully it can serve to remind all involved that these guys have had to put up with a lot, and the Warriors need a lot of healing as a franchise if situations like these occur.

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