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Golden State Warriors Favorites To Land J.J. Hickson

The Sacramento Kings decided to move on from J.J. Hickson after it was clear he wasn't producing at the same level that he did when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. So now the rest of the NBA has a chance to try and get him this year.

Two favorites appear to have emerged for Hickson's services.

Hickson could provide a rebounding presence for both teams (he still averages five boards a game with limited playing time), and could complement the shorthanded big man rotations for either Golden State or Phoenix.

Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld has a further report that seems to indicate that Hickson might be staying in Northern California, and might just be trekking down the I-80 to go with the Warriors. Hickson could just end up as a solid backup for a team that desperately needs frontcourt depth.

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