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Monta Ellis Trade Rumors: Warriors, Magic, Hornets Reportedly Discussing Three Team Deal

We're at the silly season part of the NBA trade rumors season. The deadline is fast approaching and every rumor must be dissected, taken apart, and examined thoroughly.

Let's look at this latest one.

Notice it does not include Dwight Howard. Is Golden State capitulating and just ready to jettison Ellis and start over?

If it's true, this makes sense for Golden State to take this strategy. The Warriors haven't really tanked a season and have missed out on superstar after superstar because they were too low in the draft order, ending up with either a bust or a fringe role player. The Warriors could fall down the board and really end up with a quality player in the draft if they lost Ellis and the team started losing. Orlando would also gain a star to pair with Howard offensively, and the Magic could be a bit more reassured in their hopes of keeping their superstar center.

If it's true, of course.

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