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Monta Ellis Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard Needed For Warriors-Magic Trade To Work

The Orlando Magic and the Golden State Warriors could be making deals with each other. But if certain pieces aren't involved, the negotiations could fall apart.

The Magic covet a scoring star like Monta Ellis to take the burden off of Dwight Howard offensively, and have put together a series of offers to try and make the deal work. But unfortunately, if the Warriors plan on trading their star away, they want a star in return, and only Howard is available. And a Howard-Ellis trade is pretty lopsided to just about everyone.

Chris Broussard of ESPN the Magazine filed this report.

The Orlando Magic have reached out to the Golden State Warriors about trading for Monta Ellis, according to league sources.

No deal is imminent, but Orlando is trying to add Ellis to its roster in hopes of appeasing Dwight Howard. Rather than aggressively pursuing a trade of Howard before the March 15 deadline, the Magic are desperately seeking a move that will convince Howard he can stay in Orlando.

Howard has long mentioned Ellis, who is the seventh leading scorer in the league with a 22.2 points average, as someone he would love to play with.

The Warriors do want Howard and are willing to risk him not signing a contract extension to get him, but trading Ellis away to get him would also have its demerits, namely that Howard would be even less likely to stick around Golden State to land the Magic superstar. Until more pieces are added to the puzzle, don't expect this trade rumor to fly any further.

If a trade like this happens, either one team is going to be unbelievably unhappy with the results, or both teams will be relatively unhappy. Who knows what will happen.

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