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Dominic McQuire Exemplifies Mark Jackson's Defensive Mindset

The Golden State Warriors needed to show some grit after being handled by the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday, so when Dominic McQuire got the start in place of Stephen Curry, it was obvious Mark Jackson was trying to make statement with his selection:

“Dominic McGuire embodies everything we’ve preached about from Day 1,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said. “I thought it was important to make a statement and start the guy who has done everything we’ve asked him to do. I knew exactly what I was going to get from him. Great defense, going after every rebound, and chasing down all the loose balls.”

Jackson was absolutely right, getting a zero point, 15 rebound performance from McQuire while playing a key role in locking down seemingly every Atlanta player on the court. His energy and toughness were exactly what the doctor ordered, getting his team a win and making some history as well.

McGuire became only the second Warrior to grab 15 boards and go without a point in the same game. The other was Clyde Lee who had games of zero points and 20 rebounds on March 2, 1974 and zero points and 16 rebounds on Dec. 26, 1972.

As for McQuire himself, he’s more than confident in what he brings to the table:

“If I’m out there long enough, I’m going to get rebounds,” McGuire said. “That’s guaranteed.”

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more performances like this from Dominic. Though a point or two wouldn’t hurt.

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