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Monta Ellis Discusses Career Night Against Thunder [VIDEO]

Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis put on a show at Oracle Arena Tuesday night, dropping a new career high 48 points on the Oklahoma City Thuner, though it would ultimately prove not enough as the W's would fall late in the fourth quarter.

Monta took some time to speak to the media after the game, speaking about how he felt his performance went, how he felt the rest of the team performed, and how it feels to play so well and still take the L.

Monta joined David Lee, Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright last night with 40-plus minutes on the floor, and were really the only players getting it done for Golden State at all last night, that isn't going to keep them in games most of the time, they need more help from the bench, which they got almost none of last night.

The Warriors now head to Denver to take on the Nuggets Thursday night, a place very few road teams are finding wins at these days.

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