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Jeremy Lin & Golden State Warriors Were Nearly Reunited

Jeremy Lin is making great things happen with the New York Knicks, which must be really tough for Golden State Warriors fans to handle. Although the backcourt of Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry is still probably the strongest part of this team, Lin could be a perfect addition along with Klay Thompson in backing them up, or perhaps even supplanting Curry as the starting point.

The sad part is that it nearly happened this offseason. Marcus Thompson of Inside the Warriors reports.

JOE LACOB: "I and we are happy for Jeremy. Very happy. We have always thought he was very talented and could play in this league. Unfortunately, we had to take a chance by waiving him in order to make an aggressive play for DeAndre Jordan, a big man that could have addressed our greatest need. We sincerely hoped that he would not be claimed, but he was by Houston. When Houston let him go, we tried once again to get him back but the rules precluded it and the Knicks picked him up. Obviously, for Jeremy, at least, this has worked out very well. I am very happy for him and his family, who I have known since he was in high school."

The sad part is that Golden State could've showcased Lin's talents last year by running more pick and roll basketball with David Lee. It never really materialized, and the Warriors never really knew how good he could be.

Unless the last two games are an aberration, they may learn to regret this mistake.

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