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Warriors Coach Mark Jackson Discusses Team Chemistry In Post Practice Interview [Video]

The Golden State Warriors face a tough stretch of games ahead of them with matchups against the Oklahoma City Thunder at home and Denver Nuggets on the road slated for the week, and are in desperate need of wins if they want to even become a part of the playoff discussion.

Coach has had a tough time getting a good balance out of his bench and starters in the same game as of late; either one group shows up or the other. Jackson was asked about this at length after W's practice Monday at their downtown Oakland facilites, to which he got a little bit defensive over at times. Below is the full video from Monday's interview:

Jackson can't make the media happy with losses, and as long as Golden State keeps putting up L's he will have to suffer through interviews like this. He believes in his team and what he is doing, and no one will tell him otherwise; something I appreciate in a head coach. Maybe it will turn around this week.

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