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NBA All-Star Game 2012: Why Warriors And Kings Players Didn't Get The Vote

The starters for the 2012 NBA All-Star Game were announced on Thursday and as was expected, the starting roster for the West consisted of four Los Angeles players and an Oklahoman. That's fine. It's a popularity contest, after all and who is more popular than the so-called "best" teams in the NBA? It's not just that the Warriors and Kings are lousy this year...although that may be a small part of it. Join us below the jump to see the inside scoop on why players on these rosters didn't get the votes.

Stephen Curry: You know what middle America hates? Spicy foods. Anything above "bland" is highly suspect in the heartland. Indeed, the spiciest food that the vast majority of the country can tolerate is the "medium" sauce at Taco Bell. Someone named "Curry" never stood a chance in the hearts of Joe and Mary Schlub when they filled in their All-Star ballots.

Monta Ellis: Most people don't like vowels that are pronounced counter-intuitively, so Monta was out. Also, many voters received inappropriate text messages from the guard.

Charles Jenkins: Voters were beside themselves with rage when they looked up "Charles Jenkins" and weren't presented with a stodgy English butler.

DeMarcus Cousins: Cousins was unfairly painted as a troublemaker and malcontent who is always talking about how much he does or doesn't want a trade or how much he does or doesn't respect his coach. Much better to cast a vote for that sweet young man Kobe Bryant, who never causes trouble of any sort.

Travis Outlaw: Fear of Travis Outlaw led to an influx in votes for Atlanta Hawks power forward Michael Law-Abider.

Jimmer Fredette: No one, anywhere, will ever cast a vote, in any sort of election, for someone named "Jimmer."

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