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Reliving The Best Slam Dunk Contests From All-Star Weekend History: Vince Carter In Oakland

Over at the SB Nation mothership, Andrew Sharp broke down five of the best dunk contests of all time (and then five of the absolute worst). One in particular is one that Bay Area fans remember well. The 2000 dunk contest, which featured Vince Carter's amazing performance in Oakland.

You could argue Vinsanity peaked with this dunk contest, and really the dunk contest itself might have peaked that Saturday evening in Oakland. Carter unleashed a host of filthy dunks that fully explored the "studio space" in a run-away victory.

Vince Carter 2000 Dunk Contest Part 1

Vince Carter 2000 Dunk Contest Part 2

"LET'S GO HOME. LET'S GO HOME." Kenny Smith said it best. Keep in mind: The dunk contest didn't happen in 1998, and there was no All-Star Weekend in 1999 (lockout!), so this was the first time in three years there'd been a dunk contest. And good GOD did it deliver. Steve Francis and Tracy McGrady had ridiculous dunks of their own that would've won in just about any other year, but it was Vince who put down the most absurd individual performance in dunk contest history. As Smith says at one point in the video above, "10 IS NOT ENOUGH!"

Has it been so long since we all rooted for Vince Carter?