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Dave Chappelle Meets The Golden State Warriors, Particularly Nate Robinson [VIDEO]

The Golden State Warriors beating the Los Angeles Clippers might have been the second or third best thing that happened on Monday night. Having one of the most famous comedians ever visit your locker room is a nice present.

Well, you know what happens when Dave Chappelle spends some time in the locker room. Nate Robinson is going to start quoting every big Chappelle skit out there. You can check Robinson and Chappelle together in this picture via Nate's Instagram.

After the jump, video of Chappelle in the locker room. You can also hear Robinson going wild in the background.

Chappelle in Warriors' Locker Room (via insidebayarea)

Dave spent a few minutes practicing his shot. That's a pretty funky stance.


(Image courtesy of Warriors Twitter)

One heck of a crazy night in Oakland, you'd have to say.

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