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Jerry West on Jeremy Lin: 'Dont Play The Blame Game' On W's Losing Lin

Golden State Warriors consultant Jerry West has been in and around the NBA for quite some time now, and has seen his fare share of fads, streaks, and the like in his time. But when it comes to the rise of New York Knicks point guard and Palo Alto native Jeremy Lin, West wants to stay away from the 'blame game' that comes with his departure from the Warriors before the season.

West talked about Lin's relationship with Joe Lacob and his son back in their high school days on The Dan Patrick Show, speaking about the two's friendship from Palo Alto High was a large factor in Lacob's signing of Lin:

How Lin became a Warrior:
"He was a very good friend of the owner Joe Lacob and his son, and they played together. And they signed him. And they saw something there in him, and during the process of trying to sign DeAndre Jordan, there were certain players that had to be moved off the roster."

But when it came to losing Lin, West made it clear there really isn't a single person or group to blame:

No blame for losing Lin:
"To me, don't place blame. You give credit. The credit goes to Jeremy. A lot of things in sports are about blame. There's no blame here. It's just maybe some people didn't see what he had inside."

Here's a link the interview from The Dan Patrick Show.

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